About Clarity


We are Transmutational Artists and Writers.

We are Robert and SuSane Hake, known as Clarity, and have worked for 30 years through collaboration and story-telling to create patterns that facilitate change.

We have always worked on the same piece at the same time. Like music, we listen to the sound of the piece, as it presents itself to us. This is what was required to create these Codexes.

This is a meditative ancient visionary dialogue, that resonates with the waters of the body, as a situla, to convey an expanded awareness.

From David Grima, former editor with Courier Publications in Mid-coast Maine.

"For this couple, art is still as firmly wedded to human spirituality, as it was for our tribal ancestors. It does not exist in some independent aesthetic realm, but it is connected to who we are and what we are, both as individuals and perhaps also as people in the plural. This work features figurative paint and shadowbox assemblages that use children's toys. The artists see the use of toys as a way of reconnecting oneself to earlier times, a way of seeing with more imagination, openness, clarity. It is a deliberate search for childlike simplicity, which should not be mistaken for childishness. For them it is a life principle. It is part of their refusal to see art apart from the rest of the human spirit, the human soul. The result is a collection of colorful and joyful paintings and assemblages, slightly eccentric in the sense that they seem at odds with the grimness of daily life, but aimed good and true at the undefeated innocent nature that remains in any of us fortunate enough not to have lost it."  ~ David Grima, Art Critic

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