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Metamorphosis: Ascension, Prophecy of Light

About the Book

Metamorphosis/Ascension Prophecy of Light. The journey through and into the Lighted.

Kalachakra Body, The Emerging Force

About the Book

"Inside the awareness that is now emerging is a whole new relationship between body,mind,and spirit, and this is in motion. There is no room for the unsighted or the unbearable, because the full capacity to advance is now registered." from "Kalachakra Body--The Emerging Force".

Origamic Presence

About the Book

"The Sacred Holding of a Life, as it bends into its own realizations is called a Fold, & this Fold is experienced as Consciousness. The Origamic Presence is what knows hold to fold, hold, & create new folds, that resonate from Light Imprintsial patterns that Intention the Divine Vision into a Will of Acceptance." from "Origamic Presence"