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Dream Shades.png

Dream Shades

About the Book

Dreamshades is a color revival of our original dream code . It connects us once again with what we forget each night, our 'Raptured Repose', the ecstasy of our divine beingness. This book includes an oracle.

Vincent Poems

About the Book

Poems inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's life and works. A book reflective of the artist journey and insight received from listening closely to the muse within the life of Vincent Van Gogh. Art work and photography accompany the poetry as a collaboration with the work.

The Tin Door

About the Book

This is a creation poem of a most unusual perspective. It orientates you to the flesh of senses we inhabit as a world. It rinses through your pours till you once again smell and taste the sacred bread that rises within you. The tin door opens and the conversation begins.