The Collaboration Story

Our collaboration was no accident. Struck head-on by the universe 30 years ago, we were flung into the abyss of the Divine Creative Cauldron.

Left dazed and bewildered, we climbed up and out of an old life and into a new wonder. 

Collaboration was essential to find our way forward, and it is the very breath of this work. To collaborate is to enter into a wealth of feeling wedded in circumference to what we began to learn.

Very quickly the Imprintsial Light Patterns came to us, as we were open to receive their geomatric forms as a living presence. This then created a companionship that expanded our collaboration with each other into a realm awareness of expanded consciousness.

The essence of collaboration is a revolution of color, color being the light emission of geomatic patterning rotating on an axis of center point. This informed all of our work.

As we continued to work, community support and collaboration became important. In order to have the time needed to intuitively receive the insights and information, we needed community resources from supportive kindred spirits. Our community of support has become family, and  together we have maintained the original intention.

The willingness to climb a 30 year terrain, charting an inner landscape, using tools known and unknown, to bring back patterns that connect individuals to a Divine presence of collaboration and relationship, took a community as committed as we were. For this we are forever grateful.

The underground nature of this work is its rooted awareness of the natural world, as it resonates its watery presence with the earth, and drinks deeply from its Sophiac Intelligencia. 

As a tree grows from a seed, we were planted deeply into the abyss of the multi-layered expression that life becomes. Like a fractal we uncurled into an artistic expression of this body of work. The timing, the planting, held us under the radar for a required number of years, giving us just the right amount of nutrients to allow for this Situla Codex site.

In the dark we grew our roots. In the light, we grow our sight and accustom our eyes to the need we see around us.