Fish File Codex 1


Fish File Codex 1: Weighing of the Seed

About the Book

Fish File Codex 1: Introduction: The weighing of seed is an embodiment of our Fish File profile. Our dreaming purpose of water is currented through this, by our need to remember. Remember who we are, who we were, who we were before we were, and who we will be. Stopping no light, we are carried by the equalational sequence of our very naming. We remember the round, we remember the ancient, we remember the flow, we remember the watery awareness. We are counted by the very equation of our numbers.

Fish File Codex 2: MER

About the Book

From the Introduction: We are impregnated Water that holds sound, words, feelings, pictures, memories. We are books bound in Water, opening to the impregnated sound of living.

Fish File Codex 3: Potent Factor

About the Book

"Fish File Codex 3: Potent Factor". From the introduction: How in the beginning we were, and are, is what the potent factor of Fish Files are. We run through our numbers, and Water is the keeper of our scored memories, and our dreams file through them.