Fish File Codex 2


Fish File Codex 4: An Alchemical Lineage of an Architectual Presence

About the Book

"Fish File Codex 4: An Alchemical Lineage of Architectural Presence". From the introduction: "Period is made, as a source of longing in the expression of Meaning, and the vowels are loosened from their place of locked. The Free Will, of exterior current, is generated for change in the content of our lives, for the perspective to be Squared equally. The front entrance made more available for the Divine Countenance of Will.

Fish File Codex 5: Squared Perspective

About the Book

From the Introduction: To square the Perspective is to begin to see that all the obstacles are not connected at the corners, and the numbers do not meet in the corners of Desire. The purpose of life changes as the corners are squared, and the numbers shift to relate the sides to the angles of need. To light the Needfire is to place the potency of life into the center of its own Original Pattern of round.

Fish File Codex 6: Poetry, The Letter As Informational Digit

About the Book

From our Introduction: The way forward is in the form of the way backwards. The structural spoken involves all life within its own Wedded Circumference. Each letter is wedded to all its parts, and all its parts are within the numbers of its codial foundation. The planetary mission is from the Mother, and she returns for the hidden to be known.