Fish File Codex 3


Fish File Codex 7

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Fish File Codex 7: The Alchemy of the Arc From the Introduction: The folded past becomes aware of its needs, and the entire perspective of our life is given grace. To arc our alchemy is to propose a squared angle of precision to make ready our time.

Fish File Codex 8

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Fish File Codex 8: The Rabbit Hole From the Introduction The Code of Difference awakens us now and travels inside our fish files, home to the need of origin. We awaken the reeds of longing within us and a water fed by the Distance. We travel through the Spiral of falling through the Rabbit Hole, which makes the transition transcendent.

Fish File Codex 9

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Fish File Codex 9: Balancing the Code From the Introduction To balance the Code of Existence is to know the positions of number between the realization and the Being. The deepest curve of knowing is held within the memory of Dream File Waters of our own Existence. To many the Code to our Divine Rights of Passage is to allow the potency of our Existial Presence to emulate in our very cellular Water.