The Oracles of Clarity 


Kuan Yin Oracle of Compassion

About the Book

This is an Oracle of deep intimacy with the Soul of Compassion and the Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin. She is the voice that speaks for the integrity of the Soul and the language of its alchemy, as it becomes the perfection of its original pattern. There are 43 pieces that are intuitively selected from, to create insight, inspiration, and clarity of where one is, in the alchemical process of the Soul.


Ganesh's Fugue Oracle of Play

About the Book

Oracles are way of play with your inner and outer worlds, finding out how fast you can translate the signals and language between them. The Hindu god Ganesh,the mover of obstacles, and the lover of play, sweet delights, and toys is the Voice for what will move our life most powerfully. PLAY


Oya Ceremony of the Voice Oracle