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Imprintsial Light Patterns

Imprintsial Patterning is an avatar, a building concept of fractal implementation, when what was not centered into a balanced force is given a pattern alignment, that will facilitate a complete change in what sits in the center of our lives. Like Shaktipat, these Imprintsial Light Patterns confer a spiritual energy to the viewer.


This transmission is then carried within one’s energy field to facilitate an inner resonance of compassion which is shared with everyone you meet. Shaktipat is considered an act of inherent grace.


The Building Force of our cellular process yields to the pattern, and these patterns have been given from a time before language, before words, before ideas.


These patterns came out of the Wisdom Force of Creation, the Sophiac Intelligencia, and the Intellect that directs pattern into balance, creation, expansion and radiance.


The specific color choices are from the Creative Soul of what builds, and this Soul emerges as light formed into a specific part of the spectrum. The magnetic field of the metallic pulse utilizes the curve and line of direction given by the Building Force of intention. Intention being the arrow and the bow being the pattern.


The specific many dimensional layers come to the surface, as the need of self qualifies its own guidance.


The full intention of the angles of penetration are guarded by the intention of Compassion. The Dream Force, the Dream Body, the Dream Potential, all relate into the various portals created by the evolution of the patterns, through the direction of each individual’s Divine Presence Within.


The utilization and frequency of usage of the patterns creates a field of structural direction, that permeates the psyche and subconscious layers of the individual self. It renews the elasticity of the over-stretched psyche that has lost its ability to respond clearly.


The subconscious will eventually utilize these patterns, through an internal rhythm of its own, that will build out of the Wisdom Force of Creation, the Sophiac Intelligencia.


The Divine guidance of the Self is specific to each individual being. These Codexes work with the individual priority of need by matching up with the internal situla codex of each person.


The water field within every person resonates through frequency imprintation, and this is carried by the magnetic field.


(c) 2018 Raven Su.Sane